Diana Raab

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My Muse Undresses Me

Pudding House Publications. 2007.

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This short collection consists of prose and narrative poetry of the poet's musings.


The Writer’s Gathering

I arrive in my chic suit of armor
and glistening jewels. I want
to saturate myself with the words
of wise writers bestowing their teachings. I take notes and ponder their words, and by the end of the night feel a sense of calm and yearning to write.

The reading ends and the clapping
dies down. I gather my belongings
—purse, notebook, and winter coat
which will warm me during my walk home
from this room packed with literary types.
I stand up and glance down at my seat
to scoop up the rest of my things. I notice my clothes are torn to shreds and strewn about my body. What’s left dangles on the industrial blue carpet lining the rooms of this building where writers gather once a month.

You are a famous author and your eyes
undress me right here in front of all these people. Standing in this auditorium I want to become invisible because everyone will notice my bare ass, silky legs and thinning pubic hair, and ask how dare I arrive at such an elegant...

My Muse Undresses Me